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  • Lee, English gives us his testimonial

    2018, September 7

    I started the house hunting process online and attempted to contact real estate agencies in Lyon by e-mail as my French is not yet up to standard. After a number of emails that went without reply I reached out to Lyon Expat to see if they could offer me help finding a flat. They were… View Article Read more...

  • Testimonial on our Lyon Expat Relocation Services

    2018, September 7

    I’d like to compliment for the excellent service that “Lyon Expat Services” provided us. We moved to Lyon without knowing how to start. We did not know the language, the city, the bureaucracy etc. After checking few Expat agencies, we decided to get “Lyon Expat Services”. I mostly remember that when we first met our… View Article Read more...

  • Vincent, Sweden, homestay student with Lyon Expat Services

    2018, September 7

    “The family is very open and there really is no need to be shy when living in the house. This creates a very friendly and comfortable environment. I always felt that if there was a problem, the family would have no problems letting me know about it and I felt no hesitation in letting the… View Article Read more...

  • Recommendation for our relocation services in Lyon

    2016, March 31

    We would advise anyone who is considering relocating to Lyon France to contact the Lyon Expat Services for help and assistance. We made the move to Lyon two months ago and just before leaving the UK had found the Agency’s website. Therefore on our first morning in Lyon made a visit to the agency and… View Article Read more...