International Students

Residences or flats for international students
Helping international students find a furnished apartment or residence in Lyon…

For international students and foreign interns, finding a furnished apartment or student residence in Lyon can sometimes be a real uphill battle!

When they start their search in their home country, many owners and agencies in Lyon will not always take their requests seriously and will not always answer their questions.

Of course, the language barrier is often a concern, and the functioning of the French real estate market works turns out to be an incomprehensible headache for those who are unaware:
Lease contract, security deposit, guarantors, bank account details, move-in inspection…so many procedures or words that do not mean anything to someone on the other side of the world!

Our mission is to serve as an efficient and trusted intermediary between agencies, owners, student residences, and international students.

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the market in Lyon and the partnerships we have built with agencies, companies, and apartment owners, we strive to make the furnished apartment market in Lyon accessible to international students and interns.