Offer a room to an international student

Do you have an extra bedroom in your home? Why not rent it to an international student?

If you live in Lyon or inner Paris and you have an extra bedroom, you can make it available to an international student.

We are looking for rooms in the city center or near schools and universities.

The room should be sufficiently spacious, clean, in good condition and include at least one good bed, a nightstand, a desk, and empty cupboards.

The student will have access to the family bathroom if you do not have a private bathroom for him or her.

If you would like to apply to become one of our host families, contact us and we will send you the terms and conditions for being a host family.

Of course, our families agree to be hospitable above all else. Your caring attitude will be very important for the student, who must feel welcome and that he or she can count on you, particularly during the first few days when the student is discovering his or her new environment, but also throughout the entire stay.

The homestay packages may vary in length and may or may not include meals.

Please feel free to contact us for information on what we are looking for and the financial conditions for a homestay.

We visit all the families in which we place foreign students.

This meeting allows us to place a student in your home who will meet your requirements.

We will stay in contact throughout the student’s homestay with you.