Homestays in France...

Would you like to share the life of a French family?

We arrange for international students, interns, and foreign tourists to live with a French family for a few days, weeks, or months.

This solution is highly appreciated by our customers for several reasons:

First, it is easy to arrange for international students who often have a hard time finding housing (this option does not require a guarantor or a housing deposit),
It allows students to share the life of a French family and to dive right into the culture of our country while improving their French!

It helps them avoid feeling lonely in a studio apartment or residence, which can sometimes be impersonal places.

It eliminates many of their material worries by providing meal options if so desired.

All our families are chosen for their sense of hospitality and their openness to others.

They are also selected for the quality of their housing. They provide a pleasant, well-furnished bedroom, most of which are in the city center or near the student’s school or internship location. They all offer WiFi connections.

We offer a variety of packages that can be adapted to both the student’s requests and what the family can offer (short stays, medium stays, long stays, packages with or without meals).

We operate mainly in Lyon and Paris but we are expanding our services in the Rhône-Alpes region.

If you would like to enjoy a homestay, let us know and we will send you a questionnaire so that you can tell us more about yourself and we can arrange a package to suit your preferences.

We will put you in contact with the family that best meets your requirements.

We will be your contact point throughout the stay.