Find and American Exchange Student

Find an American exchange student and live with his or her family for a few weeks…
Are you looking for an American student the same age as you to benefit from a foreign exchange and spend several weeks in his or her home? We can help!

Are you age 16 or older and dream of going to the United States to live with an American family?

Lyon Expat Services can put you in contact with a young American the same age as you so that you can build a friendship with a young person on the other side of the Atlantic.

Here is how it works:
If you are interested in this service, you should contact us…
We will send you a questionnaire so that you can tell us more about yourself, your interests, preferences, allergies, etc.
We are in contact with partners in the United States (North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee) who receive the profiles of young Americans looking for a family to correspond with and host them for a few weeks in France.

Our job consists of finding the person who will be the best match for your family’s needs.
We will put you in contact with an American student and his or her family: the rest is up to you!
You are entirely free to arrange your stay: dates of the stay, length of the stay, trips, and more!

Of course, we will stay in contact throughout the entire process. Our local correspondent in the USA as well as our team in Lyon will be available as often as required, before the trip, during the homestay, and afterwards.

We request a commission that takes into account our work: putting you in contact with a family, following up on your file both before and during the stay, and arranging the mandatory medical and travel insurance during the stay.

For more information on our rates and how we operate, please contact us.

If you do not wish to host an American exchange student, we can organize a stay for you in the USA with no obligation to host an American in return.